Friday, April 15, 2011

RGV to make a film on ‘Ramayana Vishavruksham’

ram gopal varma RGV to make a film on Ramayana Vishavruksham

Writer and critic Muppala Ranganayakamma, who is best known for her work ‘Ramayana Vishavruksham’, has recently grabbed the attention of our Ram Gopal Varma, who is hungry to take up new challenges.

The reason for RGV’s interest on this book is that Ranganayakamma criticized the Hindu epic ‘Ramayana’ which was written by Vishwanatha Satyanarayana. It has not only created a sensation among the writers but also in the general public. This has tempted RGV to make a film based on this book. He wrote in twitter that his wish is to make a film based on ‘Ramayana Vishavruksham’ provided Ranganayakamma grants him the rights to make the film. Let’s hope his new wish will also get fulfilled very soon.

It is heard that Ram Gopal Varma has one more interest apart from direction and that is reading books. Sources say that in leisure time, RGV concentrates on reading novels and books. He tweeted saying that one of his favourite books that he read in life is ‘Ramayana Visha Vruksham’ by Ranganaayakamma. It’s a fact that RGV is famous for his style of making films but for the first time we have seen him expressing his liking towards something.

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