Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rana refused to act in his Father’s banner

rana Rana refused to act in his Fathers banner

One of the happening stars among the youngsters in Tollywood is Daggubati Rana. And after the recent link-up gossips, he has become even hotter.

While that is one side, the towering hunk recently shared his thoughts on associating with his dad Daggubati Suresh which shook the bulbs out of many.

Apparently, someone asked Rana “When will you be acting in his dad’s banner?” For this, Rana’s answer was “I can’t act in his banner. He has got a lot of procedures and process to be followed which won’t work out for me.” Already, there is a talk that Suresh Babu won’t take a decision soon on his projects and keeps things on hold for a long time.

Meanwhile, a source revealed that Rana said all this in a lighter vein and interestingly, Venkatesh who was standing next to Rana also said yes. But then, Venky also reminded that’s why they were able to survive in the film industry for such a long time. Wonder what Suresh Babu has to say to all this.

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