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Nanna Movie Review Telugu Movie Reviews

Nanna Movie Review

Banner : Wellfare Creations
Rating : 3.00/5
Released On : Jul 15, 2011

Story: Krishna (Vikram) is a worker in a home made chocolate company in Avalanchi, near Ooty. Krishna is a differently abled person, suffering with Delayed Milestone Syndrome. Though he is a grown up man, his mental maturity is that of a six year old boy. A wealthy man's social-service oriented daughter Bhanumathi loves Krishna and they both get married against the wish of her parents.
Bhanu develops complications during delivery and dies after giving birth to a girl child. Krishna names the baby Vennela and brings her up very affectionately. Vennela is also very fond of her father. Krishna admits her in to a school, where she befriends school's correspondent Swathi. She turns out to be Vennela's maternal aunt. Swathi informs her father about Bhanu's death and Vennela. Swetha's father comes over to Avalanchi and takes along Vennela and Krishna to Visakhapatnam. On the way, he plays a trick and takes away Vennela with him, leaving Krishna on the road. Stranded Krishna somehow reaches a court in Visakhapatnam and happens to meet Anuradha (Anushka), who is Lawyer. Rest of the story unfolds how Anuradha helped Krishna to get back his daughter Vennela.

Analysis :

Analysis: Vikram performed brilliantly as a mentally related person. Audience have long ago seen Kamal Haasan performing similar role in 'Swathi Muthyam''. Initially they may think that Vikram is trying to ape Kamal Haasan, but as the story progresses, neither Kamal nor Vikram is visible on the screen, except the character. Vikram has fully succeeded in establishing the character in such a way on screen.

Credit also goes to the film's director Vijay. He has to be appreciated for two things, one is for daring to choose this sort of a subject and the second one is for presenting it in such a way as not make the audience lose interest at any point of time in the movie. His directorial skills, particularly at the story narration are praiseworthy. Certainly, he would go places in the days to come. All the court scenes in this movie are interesting to watch. Anushka looks pretty good in this film. In spite of no chance for skin show, she looks elegant and carries herself with a panache. Besides, her action is an asset to this flick. Others also performed well and did justification to their respective roles. Particularly, child artiste Baby Sara's performance is well above the mark and she is the one to be watched in future. The producers of the movie have proved that a good film can always be made by doing away with commercial elements. But whether it would be liked by the mass audience or not, is to be waited and seen.

Music: Background score and re-recording is very good. Songs are good to watch only, not so pleasing to the ears.

Cinematography: This department deserves appreciation. Photography is excellent and soothing to the eyes. Graphics are too good in the song filmed on Vikram and Anushka. They not only enhance Anushka's charm, but also elevate the situational mood very well.

Dialogues: Dialogues are another asset of this film. At places they are exceptionally good and touch the heart often.

Editing: Very good.

Art: Good.

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